The Mars Helicopter Ingenuity made the first powered, controlled flight on another planet today. Discover the challenges the flight overcame and the next steps for the mission.

I remember a new fad in the toy business back in the mid-90s. The company behind it was called AirHogs, and they were based here in Canada. …

‘Origins: Cosmos, Earth and Mankind’ is a classic work in the Big History movement. Discover how it outlines the evolution of the Universe and its meaning for our lives together.

I went to an enormous high school. We had over 1,800 students. It was a small town then, but kids were bused into our central school from all over the county for their secondary education.

The teachers didn’t know one another, let alone the students. In that atmosphere, I could…

Lifeless matter could only have evolved into self-replicating molecules by growing more complex. Discover how destruction might make this counterintuitive process conceivable

Lemon, the yellow beagle I had as a small boy, wasn’t feeling well. It turned out that he had worms. I asked my dad how dogs get worms.

Lost in Math is Sabine Hossenfelder’s book challenging physicists’ preference for elegant theories over experimental results. Discover how this can lead to dead end research that misleads the public.

I have mixed feelings about YouTube. The good news about the video site is that anybody can start a TV channel there. The bad news is that anybody can start a TV channel there.

There’s a tremendous amount of misinformation on the world’s largest video sharing platform. That’s true all…

The Canon is a playful book aimed at teaching adults basic science. Find out why the author felt readers needed this book and how it makes science fun again.

My relationship with science has always been complicated. I’m a lifelong learner, and I’ve always been too curious for my own good.

When it comes to math, which is the hard sciences’ backbone, it’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride. I won the gold medal for business studies…

David Morton Rintoul

Enjoying my Freedom 55 while blogging about science and delivering selective business to business writing services.

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