Apollo 13: The Hero’s Journey as Successful Failure — Dare to Know

50th Anniversary of the Ill-Fated Apollo 13 Mission

Missions What Joseph Campbell Called “Hero’s Journeys”

By the Third Lunar Landing, Things Felt Routine

“Houston, We’ve Had a Problem Here”

Hero Discovers an Inner Power that He Doesn’t Know He Has

Lovell Could See the Oxygen Drifting Off into Space

Crew Lost 32 Pounds Over the Course of the Mission

Asked Who Was Piloting, the Crew Replied, “Newton!”

The Burn was Perfect, Varying by Less Than Half a Degree

Crew Lacked Food and Water and Couldn’t Sleep

Rushed Written Procedures to Power Back Up Were Flawless

Had It Happened at the Moon, They’d Have Been Stranded

Subsequent Missions Offer Less Captivating Stories

“If 13 Was a Successful Flight, I Wouldn’t Be Talking to You”

Apollo 13 Is as Remembered and Admired as Apollo 11



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David Morton Rintoul

David Morton Rintoul

I write for those who find meaning in discoveries about space, living things, and humanity. I also write content marketing stories for select B2B clients.