Bat Woman On Pandemic, China and White House — Dare to Know

She’s Become Famous in China

“I Had Not Slept a Wink for Days”

“Conducted Research, and Quickly Identified the Pathogen”

“He Owes Us An Apology”

Stories Circulated that Lab Engineered Virus

The Pandemic Didn’t Start in the WIV Lab

Is She Allowed to Speak Freely?

Something Akin to Orwell’s Ministry of Truth

White House Insists on Calling It the Chinese Virus

Started in Bats and Made Its Way into Humans

“Nature Punishing the Uncivilized Habits of Humans”



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David Morton Rintoul

David Morton Rintoul

I write for those who find meaning in discoveries about space, living things, and humanity. I also write content marketing stories for select B2B clients.