Civil War in Yemen: The Crisis We Don’t Talk About — Dare to Know

Civil War in Yemen is the World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis

Most Strongmen in the Middle East Were Highly Corrupt

Wealth in the Same League as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet

Rebels Took Advantage of the Wrong Man at the Wrong Time

Power Divided into Two Poles — Saudi Arabia and Iran

People of Yemen Entitled to Hold a Democratic Election

Civil Wars are the Worst Kinds of Armed Conflicts

“Yemenis Hanging on by a Thread”

Cut the Country’s Health Facilities in Half

“Ending the War is the Only Way to Address the Crises”

Most Countries Never Live Up to the Pledges They Make

“What More Than Five Years of War Have Done to Yemen”

Charity Wouldn’t Be Necessary If We Put an End to War



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David Morton Rintoul

David Morton Rintoul

I write for those who find meaning in discoveries about space, living things, and humanity. I also write content marketing stories for select B2B clients.