Net-Zero Emissions Bill Breaks Trudeau’s Climate Pledge

Net-Zero Emissions is the stated goal of a bill tabled this week in Ottawa. Find out why opposition parties are calling it an empty shell.

“Grandkids Can Live in a World With Cleaner Air”

Environment Minster Johathan Wilkinson proudly declared that “This achievement is necessary to ensure our kids and grandkids can live in a world with cleaner air and water and to ensure our businesses maintain and gain a competitive edge by producing the low-carbon products the world wants to buy, well into the future.”

Falling Short of our 2020 Goal — By a Lot

We’re also going to fall short of our 2020 Paris Agreement goal-by a lot. We’ll be overshooting the emissions limit we set by about 100 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

Canada is Nowhere Close to Making That Happen

The goal for 2030 has been to reduce emissions to 30% below 2005 levels. Climate experts agree that Canada is nowhere close to making that happen. Our emissions are going up, not down.

Government Investing in Public Relations Platitudes

The current pandemic and the public demand to invest in building back better would have been the perfect opportunity to invest in the green economy of the 21st century. Instead, the Liberal government is investing in public relations platitudes.

Green Party Would Set a Goal of 60% by 2030

First, the Green Party would set a goal of reducing emissions by 60% by 2030, doubling the Liberals’ 30%. They’ve outlined a series of specific measures to drive Canada toward that objective.

100% Renewable Energy Flowing Across the Country

Finally, the Greens would build a national electricity corridor. This infrastructure project would ensure that 100% renewable energy could flow across the country regardless of provincial and territorial borders.

Platitudes and Half-Measures Aren’t Going to Cut It

Finding new ways to live that don’t devastate our climate will take ingenuity on the scale of a moon shot. Platitudes and half-measures aren’t going to cut it, no matter how dramatically they’re presented.

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